Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sterling Heart Necklace Inscribed with "Love" - A Chance to Win!

Sterling Silver 16" Love/Heart Pendant Necklace

"She discovered that SHE was
the ONE 
she'd been waiting for."  
- by Kobi Yamada (from one of my favorite books - She...)

With Valentine's Day approaching I thought it would be fun to spread some LOVE!

Love starts with us- 

Let's start our day out by first giving ourselves some well deserved love..THEN spread the joy of love to those around us.  

For a chance to win the necklace shown above, complete both of the following requirements:
  • Leave a comment about ways you spread love in the world 
(i.e.,  I spread love by smiling at a stranger.....)

I will randomly select a winner on Feb. 14th based on a minimum of 10 entries... so encourage your friends to enter.  I will announce the winner on my Facebook Page by 6PM PST Feb. 14th.

If you must have the necklace now, you can purchase it from my Etsy site Lisa Michele Creations.

Good luck and remember - 
One person's actions do make a difference!

Live in Joy - Lisa


  1. I spread love by making a conscious effort to tell people how important they are to me. Everyone should hear that once in a while :)

  2. that! It is nice to hear from other how important we are! Thanks for sharing Cassie!