Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Camping with Family at Birch Bay

Recently my family decided it was time to escape to the outdoors.  We left the noisy traffic and busy life behind,  packed up our gear and hit the road.


We pointed the truck north and made our way to Birch Bay State Park in Washington.
Birch Bay is known for it's amazing tide pools!

You and your children will lose yourself for hours exploring the beach and discovering the marine life!

Here my son got to encounter the excitement of dueling crabs!

Besides playing by the tide pools we also explored the trail at the camp ground which was approximately 1/2 mile (great flat trail for little ones).
I would recommend bringing your bikes along as you can peddle along the side of the road to the quaint town where you can stop off for some yummy ice cream and sweets!

I would recommend inviting friends and family to camp with you.  This is a great RV/Camper spot  as the sites back up onto one another.  The camper spots are in the open which is great for the children to run will be able to see them at all times....

Live in Joy - Lisa

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Where there is love there is life - Sterling and Leather Bracelet

"Something is missing...I'm not sure what it is."

I have spoken these words and I have heard them echoed among loved ones and strangers.

Too many people are experiencing the feeling that: "something is missing from my life."

Are we journeying through life without thought or awareness?
Do we just play the roles that have been placed upon us?
Did we agree to these roles or did we settle for them because facing our feelings 
makes us feel too vulnerable?
Sometimes we say "this is just the stage of life I am in at in this moment."

Maybe this feeling that "something is missing" is our soul trying to wake us up to what we are missing?

Something is missing and here is what I believe it is:  a lack of love giving to ourselves.

We move about life providing love to our spouse, children and friends but somehow giving love to ourselves seems to slip our minds.
We feel selfish
We don't have enough time in the day
          This list is endless............................................

So now I know the meaning behind Gandhi's quote, "Where there is love there is life."

We cannot live our lives if we cannot give love to ourselves.

  • Can you honor the beautiful creation you yourself and give yourself life?.....

          Ponder this question.............

Gandhi's quote was the inspiration behind my newest design.

To find this inspirational sterling silver and leather bracelet, click the link below this picture.
Live in Joy  - Lisa

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Beach Inspirations - Beach Glass Earrings

“The sea! the sea! the open sea!, 
The blue, the fresh, the ever free!” 
                         – Bryan W. Procter

This past weekend my family ventured to the waters for a weekend camping trip with friends.  I don't know about you but being next to water seems to calm my soul.
I've decided it is the perfect escape from everyday responsibilities...lose your feet into the sandy beach, listen to the waves, feel the breeze on your face and watch children play...
The child in me actually sneaks out as I find myself surveying the sand for beach glass or shells... Something about this space rejuvenates and inspires the soul!

Here is a little beach themed inspiration of mine:

I decided to pull out these beach glass lamp-work beads I had sitting around my studio for the last 6 month....and created these beach themed earrings which can be found in my Etsy Shop Lisa Michele Creations....

What inspires you when you are at the beach...the waves, the sound of the sea gulls...?
I would love to know your favorite beach spot...mine is Tillamook Head in Oregon.
What ever the inspiration and where ever the location..I hope that is lifts your spirit and creates a space of joy in your heart..:) 

Live in Joy - 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bronze Earring Sale

I've decided to have a bronze earring sale to determine if there is a demand for my bronze designs.  I usually create in sterling silver or pewter but recently thought I'd give the beautiful soft hue of bronze a go.
I started designing in bronze as I felt the designs were just as beautiful as sterling silver and bronze is much less expensive!

Sale starts today and designs are limited...

Hurry and pick up your earrings by heading to my shop:

Also, I would love to hear if what you think of bronze jewelry.
Do you prefer sterling silver, gold-filled or bronze?
Do you wear Bronze?

Live in Joy - Lisa

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Be Brave Bracelet and Taxes

I am working on my taxes today..well I should say I am doing everything in my power to be distracted from my taxes like posting this to my 
There are many things in life we wish to avoid for one reason or the another but we cannot hide from "it" as "it" becomes a heavy burden that lingers waiting behind every corner...
We need to pull on our brave boots or in this case "put on your "Be Brave" bracelet.
The inspiration behind this design is that we have the strength within to face any situation when we embrace the concept of being needing to brave and owning our brave moment.
The main charm is lead-free pewter accented with oxidized chain, silver clasp and turquoise colored Swarovski crystals.  
We can achieve anything with a slight change in our perception..perhaps a new pair of glasses to change the shades we see...could help..right..:) I to complete my I can create again!
Thumbs up to all those whom have completed your taxes...
Do you do yours early or procrastinate to the very last days? Tax tips are always welcomed..:) 

Live in Joy - Lisa

For your personal inspiration...this bracelet can be found hereBe Brave Charm Bracelet

Monday, September 17, 2012

Zen - Lotus Jewelry for Everyday Wear

This year my son has moved into first grade and I have found myself in a new stage of life..
I have found myself with a LOT of extra time which is allowing me to devote more energy to designing and self examination..:) 

I have found myself drawn to the lotus flower and used it as my inspiration for these newest designs.....What do you think? :) 

The lotus is symbolic of rising above the murk (the flower grows in muddy waters) to achieve enlightenment or rebirth.
This is a continuous journey for me, to be able to see situations and myself clearly, to acknowledge and gracefully accept myself, my feelings, thoughts...all of me for who I am...without judgement...:) 

These designs are about simplicity, grace, and awareness!

Both pieces are meant to be simple enough to wear on a daily basis...

For a closer look:

Live in JOY - Lisa

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spiritual Healing - Connection with Self, Family, and Nature

Recently my family took a camping trip to the beach.  

Getting outside into nature seems to nurture our souls!

We found ourselves playing in the sand (touching the earth), running through the freezing ocean waves (awareness of our environment) and sitting still taking in the beauty surrounding us. 
When we are in nature we laugh, talk, and listen to each other
 (we are connecting with one another)...

We fill our senses!
We fill our souls!

I came back from that weekend renewed, I felt calm, happy and in balance.

Nature nurtures my families soul, do you know what nurtures yours?
  Have you taken time recently to think of all the things that bring you and those you love joy, closeness to one another and helps connect you to your happy soul?  

I would love for you to share what you do to connect with self, family and nature..:) 

Here is an article I read from  Experience Life Nature Quest discussing how time spent in nature is an investment in your well being..:) 

Life in Joy - Lisa