Monday, September 17, 2012

Zen - Lotus Jewelry for Everyday Wear

This year my son has moved into first grade and I have found myself in a new stage of life..
I have found myself with a LOT of extra time which is allowing me to devote more energy to designing and self examination..:) 

I have found myself drawn to the lotus flower and used it as my inspiration for these newest designs.....What do you think? :) 

The lotus is symbolic of rising above the murk (the flower grows in muddy waters) to achieve enlightenment or rebirth.
This is a continuous journey for me, to be able to see situations and myself clearly, to acknowledge and gracefully accept myself, my feelings, thoughts...all of me for who I am...without judgement...:) 

These designs are about simplicity, grace, and awareness!

Both pieces are meant to be simple enough to wear on a daily basis...

For a closer look:

Live in JOY - Lisa

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