Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spiritual Healing - Connection with Self, Family, and Nature

Recently my family took a camping trip to the beach.  

Getting outside into nature seems to nurture our souls!

We found ourselves playing in the sand (touching the earth), running through the freezing ocean waves (awareness of our environment) and sitting still taking in the beauty surrounding us. 
When we are in nature we laugh, talk, and listen to each other
 (we are connecting with one another)...

We fill our senses!
We fill our souls!

I came back from that weekend renewed, I felt calm, happy and in balance.

Nature nurtures my families soul, do you know what nurtures yours?
  Have you taken time recently to think of all the things that bring you and those you love joy, closeness to one another and helps connect you to your happy soul?  

I would love for you to share what you do to connect with self, family and nature..:) 

Here is an article I read from  Experience Life Nature Quest discussing how time spent in nature is an investment in your well being..:) 

Life in Joy - Lisa


  1. i agree Lisa. My best childhood memories involve fishing or camping in nature! I can't wait to get started with my little girl!

  2. Your daughter will cherish the memories your family creates ....thanks for sharing..

  3. we take our dogs for a daily walk, I experience this same kind of peace and calm, it stays with me through the day...there is something about fresh air and time spent outside, even if it's a regular day that renews me

  4. That is lovely..you are nurturing your soul and your dogs! ;) We are blessed by our neighbor to join her for dog walks..my son loves and appreciates this time..I see his spirits soar! Animals and nature are the best medicine for the soul!
    Thank you for sharing!