Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Bead Soup Earring Winner IS!!!

I apologize for being a day late announcing the winner!
My 6 year old son was having abdominal  pains yesterday so we ended up at Urgent Care to discover I need to start feeding him buckets of fiber...poor little man!..
If anyone has suggestions of yummy high fiber foods to feed a six year old I would love your feedback!

Any how - Congrats to Snazzy Doodle Designs..
You are the WINNER!
Please email me ( your mailing address and I will
 ship your earrings!

Truly would appreciate your high fiber food feedback!

Live in Joy - Lisa


  1. Poor little fellow. I would suggest the high fiber serial ,mind you little ones don't like those.
    If he has a problem going then every night give him just a half cup of prune juice. Total victory:)

  2. Ahh..yes prune juice! Thank you so much!

  3. Hope your son feels better soon. Possibly dates? They are really sweet, maybe he would go for that. Love what you did with my beads here.:)

  4. Thank you Helen, My little man is feeling better..I'm now a mother equipped with "Fiber knowledge Power!" lol
    I will have to try dates..thanks for your input!