Monday, March 19, 2012

Anyone Else Feeling Uncertain or Insecure or is it Just ME?

So here it is..right there above this sentence..the image I'm using..
I finally did it, I created a Facebook Ad!  I am feeling insecure and's really quite ridiculous as it's a flipping ad.
I have been tossing this idea around for over a year and today took the leap.
Now I have all the self-talk going on...

"What if you don't get any likes?"
"What if your creations are really a waste of time?"
"Are you doing the right thing?"
I am trying to hush this voice.. and maintain some sense of confidence and trust!

I decided after working in Corporate America for fourteen years that I wanted to tap into what brings me joy in my life...creating endless design ideas and being inspired...I decided to stay home with my son and slowly gain design and business knowledge over the past 6 years.    Now that my little man is getting ready to head to first grade, I'm spreading my wings and risking showing off my creative designs to more people.  
So there it to love it makes us stronger right?
Any how...I will just wait and see what happens with this ad..and continue to learn and grow!

Would love to hear I'm not I 


  1. You are not alone. You are surrounded by many people who share the same feelings and fears. I think most people just don't share it; artists do. Good thing you are hanging out with the likes of us! LOL! Love your honesty. Things just take a "tincture of time". Patience is the hardest part. Persistence, which you obviously have, is the main stay. I'm keeping the faith for YOU! Rhonda F/fellow flyer

  2. Yes, I feel blesses to have the company of thenFly Tribe....I appreciate your kind words.

  3. I am constantly second guessing myself. I particularly did when I first started this whole "artist thing" Let's see where do I start, I can't be an artist I never went to art school. I won't make any money at this so what is the value in it? and this was the kicker, there are so many people more talented than me, why do I think this is possible? But after doing this for three years, I am making some pocket money and people are buying my jewelry. Some people even call me an artist. Go figure.:)

  4. You are not alone. You're actually ahead for the game because you finally took the leap. My son's about to finish the 3rd grade and I just started showing my work online in Dec. I hope to try my hand at selling it by the end of the summer though. My best to you. I think your pieces remind the wearer to be happy and confident. Who wouldn't want that? If you love your pieces the world will too.

  5. Helen ...thank you so much for sharing yourself and opening takes so much courage for us to admit our vulnerabilities but I'm realizing we are all the same..and it helps so much to know this by others reading our stories! Strength is born! ..Your work is wonderful!! :) Artist..:)

    Ginger..thank you too for your kind words..You too are leaping and that net will catch you!! You are going for are trying..we all need to believe in doesn't matter when we start at least we start and are not just thinking about it...I will check out your work...:) I feel blessed to know we are all in this together! Thanks Ladies! :)

  6. Hi Lisa, Your ad really looks nice. I really like your logo. You are not alone, and my bet would be 95% of the population of the same voices saying the same things. I wish luck in putting your ad out there. Good for you, you just took one more step in your journey.

  7. Thank you Amy...yes, I am slowly laying my path...thanks for the nice words regarding my ad..etc...Live in joy...