Monday, March 12, 2012

I love this statement, "LIVE BOLDLY!"

My version of living boldly is about embracing who YOU ARE and to finally STOP concerning yourself about  what others maybe thinking about you!  
(Hint - we are all thinking about ourselves..)

Let's all let out a big loud sigh of relief! 
Let that heavy weight away and let someone else tend to it!

I recently had a conversation with a wise woman who asked me, "How would it feel to acknowledge and accept that not everyone likes you?" 

What blink (kidding)

 I was surprised at my response......"It would be freeing!!!" 

Freedom comes from accepting yourself just as you are!
It means acknowledging that pleasing every single person you interact with is an impossible feat!  
 It means having self-worth and respect!
Freedom happens when we honor and love our Unique selves!

I hope you share my humble idea with someone you care about...

Liberate them..
Remind them to LIVE BOLDLY embracing the beautiful unique YOU!

Live in Joy - Lisa


  1. Such wisdom! And the freedom from knowing that will allow you to focus you energy on what is within you and your power. Great post!

  2. Yaa....for those "living boldly"..I know this is a constant journey for me.....but it feel fantastic~