Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stepping into the SoulBook Project - by the Brave Girls Club

I'm so excited to share the latest  art and soul project I've just begun.  
This whimsical "SoulBook" is from the Brave Girls Club!  
Designing your SoulBook is supposed to take approximately 6 hours but I see myself getting lost in this project for much longer!! 

This is how the Brave Girls Club describes their book: "Your Soul Book will be something to look at on days that you forget who you are, what you want out of life, and what you are about. This will be a very fun and personal art journal that will be a sort of guidebook for your soul…to use when you are feeling lost…ya know?"

I stumbled upon the "Brave Girls Club" web site about two weeks ago! 
 It's a creative girls dream...beautiful to look and inspiring to read!
I read about the SoulBook under 'online classes" and instantly jumped's only $25!

I try to live a conscious life, I feel it brings me more joy, hence my tagline "Products inspiring joy through conscious living." :) 
 I'm one of those girls who enjoys doing some soul searching, trying to figure out why I may feel a little unbalanced or irritated...what lifts my spirit, writing in my gratitude journal and sitting in silence.

Some days we all need a little encouragement.
Why not create a rave book about yourself, one that you've put your energy, self-worth, 
and creativity into??

This book will remind you how unique, wonderful and special you are!!!!
I'm all for that..!! lol

I plan to reach for my SoulBook first thing in the morning and then again at bedtime.  

I will share my book with you when it's complete...!
If you want to create something special for yourself or try your hand at other classes,  be sure to check out The Brave Girls Club! 

Live in Joy - Lisa


  1. Yes..very colorful and lovely....I'm excited to see what I can create...

    1. Can't wait to see you have fun with this!! Love brave girl and melody Ross !! Came over from Rita .. I am a fellow artist...


  2. Thanks for stopping by...have you made a Soul Book..if you have would love to see it ..perhaps if you have a blog you can post it and then your link here..:)
    I plan to lock myself in my studio tonight to work on it..:)